The Betrayed Luna novel by BelleBella PDF Read Online - ManoBook (2024)

Smoke was seen coming out from the wood, the moon hung low inthe night sky illuminating the environment. .. Everywhere was quietwe could only hear the sounds of birds flying round the sky.. Jessythe future Alpha of moon pack who lost her both parents to the coldhands of death and being the only child was soon to be crowned theAlpha being the rightful heir.

Jessy and Luke was seen sitting close to a wood romantically,thefourth moon night which Jessy would be made the Luna of moonpack. Out of love she had givenup her birth right to Luke who sheloved and cherished so much on one condition for Luke to make herhis Luna of the Pack... Been in the wood Jessy was so excited causeher dream is half becoming reality she had of dream of gettingmarried to Luke being Luke's Luna and both ruling the pack as afamily. Jessy couldn't wait to tell Luke about her decision and alsoto know his response.

"I want to give my position as the future Alpha to you to prove mylove for you and in return you would crown me as Luna," Jessy'svoice boomed, her eyes looking directly at Luke as she awaits tohear hs responds.

Luke's eyes lightened to the news he heard, turning to look at Jessyto confirm what he just heard.

"I love you with all my heart Jessy, but are you sure you are ready tosacrifice your position for me out of love ?." Luke asked curiously,looking at Jessy passionately.

Jessy became quiet thinking through her decision to be sure she wasnot making a lifetime mistake which she would regret.

"Yes, I am ready to give my position to you."she added

Luke mood changed instantly on hearing the news, feeling veryexcited and lightened

"Crowning you as Luna is my priority because I love youwholeheartedly and I can't see a world without you in it...I promisenever to break your heart." Luke said removing a tingling hair onher face..

Jessy smiled being very happy and sure of Luke's love ,kissed Lukepassionately...Enjoying the serenity of the mood,they had a momentwith each other thereby making love.

Luke was very happy to share the news to Freya, his mother wholost her husband to a severe illness and due to his death she hadbecome a second version of herself thereby, being vile andmanipulative advicing her son wrongly..

"She must be terminated." Freya said her voice echoing the emptyroom facing Luke sternly as Luke narrated the whole discussion hehad with Jessy to her.

"Crowning her as your Luna is a bad decision because she wouldhave full control over moon pack due to the fact that she is therightful heir ,terminating her would be the best option ." Freyaadded looking at her son trying to convince him.

Silence filled the arena, closing his eyes Luke thought deeply aboutwhat his Mom had said and was confused at that moment..

"I love Jessy I can't do anything to harm her, I promised her eternityand I think this is not a right decision,Mother please I don't think Ican agree to your decision."Luke said breaking the silence.

Freya looked at her son angrily and was dissapointed at what he hadjust said.

"So are you choosing her over me your mom?." Freya asked herson.

Luke looked at his mother in disapproval to what she just said.

"I never said that mom and I'm not choosing anyone over anyone,you are my mother and no one will take that from you I'm justsaying that I passionately love Jessy and I can't terminate her." Jessysaid answering his mom.

"I am your mom and I bore you, I trained you and I've been theresince when we both lost your father to the wicked hands of death, Icatered for you and I would never advice you wrongly, do this forme as your mom. "Freya added looking at her son with teary eyestrying so hard to convince him .

Luke was confused at that point, he didn't know what to do, whetherto heed to his mom's advice or do otherwise...After several thoughthe came to a conclusion.

"I would do it." Luke said .

"You would do what." Freya asked to be sure of what she heard.

"I would terminate Jessy,Mom!."Luke said looking away weakly.

Freya eyes Lightened and widen excited by Luke's response.

"I really have great love for Jessy and I hope she forgives me,livingwith this guilt would be so unbearable ."Luke added looking awayfrom his Mom hiding his tears.

Freya stood up, glared at her son feeling less concerned of what hesaid and left feeling happily.

Luke had flashbacks of the moments he and Jessy shared togetherand hoped he wasn't making a big mistake by agreeing to his mom'sdecision.

"Terminating Jessy could be a good decision." Luke thought,givingwhat his Mom said a second thought.

"She being my Luna would make me have no say in moon packbecause she is actually the rightful heir, she may as well go againstmy orders." Luke thought deeply

Luke called out his bodyguard to help him execute his plans, Philwho is his bodyguard and friend.

"Sir, this is a good idea." Phil said, Agreeing to what his master hadtold him.

"How do we execute this plan smoothly sir " Phil added looking athis master.

Luke who has no idea about the plan became silent trying to think ofan idea about the execution.

"Sir, give me some time to think through this execution and Ipromise to carry it out well." Phil said smiling slightly.

Luke nodded,telling Phil to get back to him when he has gotten agood idea on the execution.

"Yes sir, I would do just that. " Phil said leaving the room.

The Betrayed Luna novel by BelleBella  PDF Read Online - ManoBook (2024)
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